At MJR Global, we understand the significance of social media and the information sharing capabilities associated with web 2.0 on today's business environment. It is our job to help our clients understand the correlation between these platforms and their bottom line, and then turn that understanding into a 21st century philosophy destined to increase their brand, broaden their customer base and generate new revenue streams.

According to a media study, companies that engage in the highest level of social media have see an 18% increase in sales. That same study showed that companies that engage in the lowest levels of social media have seen a 6% decrease in sales.

The software company reports that currently "24% of all social media leads turn into sales opportunities," while eBay found that "participants in online communities spend 54% more money." Let MJR Global help your company take advantage of today's newest opportunities by outfitting your company with the tools it needs to do battle in a 21st century business environment.