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Executive's Bio

Michelle Reilly founded MJRGlobal in 2008 after realizing that her unique skill set and her reputation for affordable marketing led to eager executives "picking her brain" at networking events and industry gatherings.

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Michelle came to the United States as a young woman determined to make an impact. Hard work, perseverance, and a chance encounter led to an entrepreneur recognizing in her the qualities needed to be successful in any undertaking. It was during this chapter of her life that she realized her calling; making things look great, and swaying people’s opinion. Marketing, as it turned out, was not only her gift, but her passion.

As a marketing executive for ServerVault, Michelle landed dozens of high profile speaking engagements for the CEO and other senior executives. Diligently arranging major media interviews with publications like Fortune magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Business Journal and The Washington Post, to name a few, resulted in a much higher company profile and consequently, a marked increase in revenue. Michelle moved on to work as the Marketing Director for ODIN technologies where she was an invaluable part of marketing two bestselling RFID books; RFID for Dummies and CompTIA RFID+ Study Guide.

Over the course of her marketing career, Michelle has worked with a diverse group of clientele. From start-ups and publicly traded companies, to sports celebrities, authors, and high profiled entrepreneurs, Michelle Reilly’s experience and expertise span multiple industries. She has worked hand in glove with organizations to deliver planned events that impress her clients, and intimidate their competition.

Spending time on both continents has given Michelle a one of a kind cultural perspective, and an exceptional understanding of what motivates people. European through and through, the only thing she loves more than courtside tickets to the Washington Wizards, is fashion. A combination of global perspective, experience, sports and fashion sense give Michelle Reilly a unique and comprehensive point of view as a marketing executive, and makes her one hell of a party guest. A self described workaholic, Michelle can always be found either networking, giving a pitch, or on the guest list. I bet she’s on the guest list!